External cavity grating stabilized QUANTUM DOT diode lasers

Time Base is a manufacturer of the narrow linewidth single frequency external cavity grating stabilized QUANTUM DOT diode lasers. The lasers operate in the unique wavelength range of 1100 – 1280 nm and can be used in high-resolution spectroscopy, precision measurements, different chemistry and medical applications. Under direct frequency conversion in nonlinear crystals or waveguides (second harmonic generation), the yellow – red part of the spectrum is accessible, opening new possibilities for widely tunable laser sources in the visible range.

 Main features:

  • Narrow linewidth
  • High passive frequency stability (2 loops of temperature stabilization)
  • Stable and true single-frequency operation at high output power (>200 mW)
  • Direct stabilization of the lasers to high-finesse cavities using operation current [MF2015]
  • Easy to use and low price

Download typical datasheet