Molecular iodine luminescent optical frequency standard ILP I2 /532-3

ILP I2 /532-3 is a highly stable widely frequency tunable molecular iodine stabilized Nd:YAG laser system at 532 nm. Stabilization to hyperfine structure components in the molecular iodine is performed using the third harmonic of the probe frequency modulation and synchronous detection of the luminescent absorbed signal. The relative long-term frequency instability of  ILP I2 /532-3 reaches the level of 3x10-15 at the averaging time of about 1000 s. ILP I2 /532-3L can be used as a highly accurate reference in different applications, including optical metrology with the femtosecond frequency combs, precision interferometry and high-resolution spectroscopy.  ILP I2 /532-3L is a further development of a Nd:YAG/I2 system, used for highly-accurate absolute frequency measurements of the different molecular iodine absorption lines. The results of these measurements were used by the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) to set the values of the iodine transitions around 532 nm as the secondary frequency standards (T J Quinn, Metrologia 40 (2003) 103–133). 


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