AOM Driver TB-3000

TB-3000 universal high precision AOM driver is suitable for most of the AOMs in the frequency range of 25 – 550 MHz. TB-3000 has a possibility of external and internal references, fast TTL, analog amplitude and FM modulation, and can be used for fixed frequency and as well as for broadband AOMs. TB-3000 is a compact, reliable and easy to use device stable under all load conditions.

                                        Main features:

- Broadband operation 25 – 400 MHz (optionally up to 550 MHz)

- Output RF power 3 W

- High frequency stability

- Narrow linewidth

- Fast analog and TTL amplitude modulation

- FM modulation

- Frequency sweep

- FSK operation

- Computer control

- External or internal reference

- Stable on all loads

- Compact design and user-friendly operation


Download TB-3000 datasheet